Child Development Center Enrollment Inquiry Form

Instructions: Please complete and submit the Indian Hills Child Development Center Enrollment Inquiry Form below. This form allows you to submit information for up to three children. If you are inquiring about more than three children, please place their information in the "Comments" field at the bottom of the form.

Note: All enrollment inquiries will be reviewed upon submission and child(ren) will be added to the waiting list. The children will remain on the waiting list for up to one year or until an appropriate opening becomes available (whichever comes first). After that time, a new inquiry must be completed. You will only be called when an appropriate opening is available.


Mission, Philosophy, Staff, and Rates

Thank you again for your interest in the Indian Hills Community College Child Development Center!

Please complete and submit the form below:

If you would like to inquire for more than one of your children (up to three), please complete the information on these children, as well.


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Note: The questions regarding the days and times you will need childcare is required for your inquiry to be considered.