IHCC Memories: Rhonda Conrad

Rhonda ConradSubmitted by: Rhonda Conrad, Ottumwa, Iowa

1. When did you work at Indian Hills?

1988 to 2015

2. In what departments did you work and what jobs did you have?

Business Technology, Advanced Technology, and Development Office

3. What are the names of some of your supervisors and co-workers?

Supervisors: Bob Allison, Stan Vittetoe, Steve Mosena, Mick Lawson, Tom Stewart, Bob Morrissey, Jim Lindenmayer, and Marlene Sprouse

Co-Workers: Linda Farrington, Terri Roberts, Darvin Dykes, Teri Gipson, Jo McDowell, Toni Cameron, Toni Romerman, Steve Mosena, Bill Hansen, Bill Alexander, Ray Ryon, Brenda Ragen, Charlotte Clovis, Barry Houser, Morris Frisbie, Jerry Deere, Becky Henderson, Deb Hoguet, Tiffany Teeter, and so many more.

In my position as Foundation director, I relied on almost everyone who worked at Indian Hills to help our department in some way.

4. Identify or describe some unique or funny (printable) stories that occurred during your time at Indian Hills.

The Business Tech. office was one of the best departments to work in on campus. We all worked very hard and we all had lots of fun, too. Darvin Dykes, Don Jellings, and Jerry Sands were the practical jokers in the group. When I turned 40, my cubicle was decorated with lots of 40s items and thousands of 40s were sprinkled through my files and desk drawers. When I retired 18 years later, I still found a few 40s in some my files.

5. What are some good memories that you have of working at the college?

I really enjoyed the Christmas parties that the Business Tech office used to have on the last day of school before break. Everyone would bring delicious snacks and we enjoyed many different beverages, some alcoholic, and lots of great conversation.

6. What are your hopes for the future for Indian Hills?

Indian Hills is a true gem in Southeastern Iowa. It has grown and developed so much over the 27 years that I was employed, and it continues to be one of the very best places in the area to get a quality education and to work with so many thoughtful and caring people.