Chemistry FAQs

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Will my courses transfer to another college/university?


All of our chemistry classes should transfer to any four-year college. It is recommended that you complete the full three-course sequence of Principles of Chemistry I, II, and III (CHM157, 158, 159), Organic Chemistry I, II, II (CHM251, 252, 253), or the summer two-course sequence (CHM166 and 176) at IHCC together, in which case those credits should transfer to any four-year college as a complete year.



What can I do to make sure I transfer successfully?


Contact an admissions counselor or academic advisor at the college/university you plan to transfer to as early as possible. For larger universities (such as Iowa and Iowa State) the Chemistry Department may have an advisor that works specifically for that program – this is the best person to contact since they will know their university’s policies in-depth.

Take a tour of the colleges or universities that interest you and talk to students and faculty there to see if it’s a good fit for you.

When you get on that college or university campus, find their success center or whatever tutoring service they have – even if you don’t plan to use it, know where it is.

Before you transfer to that college or university, look at what research is being done there. When you get to that campus immediately try to join a research lab – even if you are cleaning dishes and/or not getting paid for your work. Getting started in a research lab will eventually lead to setting up experiments, which might lead to helping run experiments, which might lead to helping design experiments. These research experiences will be where you get to more fully apply and improve your understanding of doing science.


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